Released on 05 Jul 2019       10m 14s      

KIX IN KICKASS ACTION!Kix was trying to follow a life of peace and meditation in a secret hideout when she was rudely interrupted by Mercenaries, Ninjas and Armed Thugs! There's a spy in the Kandy Camp and these men have been given her location and have been sent to destroy her... the only problem being, nobody can destroy Kix. Kix bursts into her trademark fast and fierce action and rips apart every man sent her way. She's got all the moves, the kicks, the punches, the karate and the absolute confidence that she can torment and beat down any man. First she's in her leather corset, then her GI and then she gives her WonderWoman outfit a spin in a dazzling display of total domination, whether against 1 guy or 2 at the same time  - she's beautiful, brutal and utterly bombastic.