Released on 04 Nov 2022       12m       522mb

MONTANA in GYMNASTIC KICKASS ACTION!  When two tyranical School Teachers start a campaign of bullying and intimidation on their Students Agent Montana is sent in, undercover, to sort them out. Posing as a cocky, precocious teen Montana gives these two hulking tormentors an ultimatum, give her top grades or they'll suffer a humiliating beatdown... from her. The bullyboy teachers laugh at her but they are about to regret that... a lot. Montana launches into a massive show of power and strength, high kicking and punching these tough guys around the room, she utlizes her incredible agility to avoid all their attacks and counters with gymnastic power and a dominant mix of kick boxing, karate and sheer brut force. Montana, beating them both up at the same time, inflicts the kind of torment and humiliation that no man can stand as she continues the massive beatdown she coolly offers them the chance to escape with their lives.... but will they take it?