Released on 28 Jun 2024       15 minutes 18 seconds       961mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL BILLIE stars in an incredible ACTION ADVENTURE!  When 3 wanted murderers capture Billie and chain her up they have no idea it's a beautiful trap laid by this beautiful blonde bombshell. This powerful female martial artist knows she can destroy them, she just quite fancied giving them a headstart and in a matter of seconds she has them at her feet. Dressed from head to toe in her skintight leather catsuit and thigh high leather boots Billie gets to work on them and starts to beat up all 3 of them at the same time. This high kicking, gymnastic, powerful, hardbodied, knockout punching, agile girl-next-door has the time of her life dishing out her brutal beatdown to all of them. They can't quite believe they're getting owned so easily by this blonde beauty and she just ramps up the pain and humilation to the point that she even offers them to tie her hands up and try again. Needless to say, this cool, cocky and ever so arrogant Kandygirl has the time of her life and only when she gets bored of them does she knock them all out and leave them for the Police to come pick up. This is an absolutely packed action classic and brand new Kandygirl Billie kicks absolute ass!