Released on 14 Jun 2022       11m 31s / 133 stills       534mb

VIXEN, LATEX AND A TIME TRAVELLING TRANSPORTER MACHINE - When Vixen was bored she invented a machine that could take her to any place at any time, anywhere so she chose to land in a bar full of nasty violent criminals, of course. Upon landing Vixen sets about cleaning the place up... not literally speaking, she rips apart the 3 untouchable, hard nut criminals that are based there. This powerful kickass dominatrix launches into a flurry of brutal action, using her incredibly powerful kicks, her ferocious fists, her flexible high kicks, her killer karate chops and her all round physical dominance to wipe the floor with these guys. She enjoys every moment as she utitlises her hard body, muscular physique to deliver beatdown, upon beatdown upon beatdown.... all whlst wearing her brand new latex dress.