Released on 15 Dec 2023       12m 27m       827mb

HARLEY is the Boss of a Corporation that's a front for a very naughty organisation and when one Special Forces trained Journalist pries a little too much into her business he learns a very hard lesson.  Harley wasn't always an angel, this beautiful black belt martial artist used to get up to a lot of mischief and if anyone stood in her way, she'd toy with them before single handedly ripping them apart. In this case her latest money making scheme was rumbled by a heavily trained elite soldier turned journalist and having seen him dispatch her Henchwoman, Dana, with ease she knows she has to take care of him herself. This gymnastic tough girl launches into her high kicking combat and starts inflicting her own special brand of pain but this guy is no mug, he's as tough as they come and puts up a hell of a fight. Harley knows she has to take this up a gear and unleashes her brutal fists, lethal legs and incredible agility to deliver one hell of a beatdown, her spin kicks are mesmerising, her boxing, karate and unarmed combat skills are spectacular and her hardbodied assault is unmatchable as she destroys her Special Forces opponent with a style and grace that only Harley can deliver. This is an intense FM action epic from the dazzling Harley.