Released on 03 May 2024       12m 52s       568mb

DAKOTA KICKS ASS.  Dakota is in possession of some very valuable codes, the kind of codes that, should they fall into the wrong hands, could prove utterly disasterous to National Security. There's a reason these codes have been entrusted to Dakota as nobody has the power, strength or bravery to take them from her, which one crazed criminal is about to find out. Dakota, wearing her trademark spywear, entices her prey and once he's taken the bait she launches into a total and utter beatdown, Dakota style. This gymnastic martial artist has the agility, strength and unarmed combat skills to reduce her opponent to a quivering wreck without even trying. Her sky high kicks, powerful fists, karate, kickboxing, gymnastic agility and total arrogance are a mesmerising combination and add her incredible seduction skills to the mix and she's a tantalising force. This is incredible action from the queen of the honeytraps, a hypnotic combination of feminine grace, fatal allure and brutal force as she delivers the most powerful and elegant beatdown this criminal will ever recieve.