Released on 14 Jun 2024       16 MINUTES       988mb

KIX IN ACTION against THREE KILLERS!  When Kix solves a series of cryptic clues she finds herself in an underground prison and faces a rather large quandary - she has to beat up the killers or she's dead, it's a good job Kix never loses... right?  Kix comes up against an anonymous crimelord who thinks he has her on the ropes and under his control but he underestimates her, like so many men before him.  Kix is quickly into high octane action throwing those lighting fast fists, launching those swift high kicks and coolly demolishing any man in her way with her deadly unarmed combat. It doesn't go all Kix's way however, these are 3 of the deadliest killers in KAK Penitentiary and the action goes back and forth until Kix steps up her game. Dressed in silver shorts and leather thigh high boots she unleashes those brutal spinning kicks, thrusts those high knees, throws those deadlly karate chops and delivers her trademark kickboxing beatdowns with an arrogance only Kix has mastered. The story doesn't end there as she's not only physically superior but she outsmarts them all and whilst the syndicate thought they had her on the ropes, it was Kix who had them under her control the whole time.