Released on 31 Dec 2021       14m 54s       650mb

KIX IS ON FIRE!  When Kix's little sister gets kidnapped she will stop at nothing to get her back!  Taken by a nasty Ganglord and guarded by an army of thugs, Kix's sister is in real trouble.... enter the black belt kickboxing Queen of the Kandy Corporation and let the beatdowns commence! Dressed in her skintight lycra catsuit and thigh high boots Kix is more than ready to go solo and demolish this entire gang, but these muscular thugs are tougher than she thought!  Unleashing her ferocious high kicks, spin kicks, karate chops,  knockout fists, her gymnastic martial arts dominance and mischievious arrogance Kix rips them apart!  This impossibly beautiful woman toys with and destroys these guys and elegantly and powerfully beats each one up using only her perfect hardbody dominance. Kix is power and grace personified as she beats them up individually and 2 v 1!