Released on 09 Sep 2022       13m 32s       946mb

KIX may just look like the PA but she's a ONE WOMAN ARMY and you ain't getting past her!  When a killer mercenary enters the office looking for the head of the corporation, Kix is lying in wait. This crazed assassin assumes Kix is just the receptionist but he soon finds out she's the lethal bodyguard.  Dressed in leather skirt and thigh high boots Kix toys with this assassin first and then when he's really angry she launches into kickass action. The blackbelt kickboxing supermodel launches her brutal spin kicks, knockout fists, deadly karate chops, lethal high kicks and more and rips him apart.... time and time again. Kix is uber confident, cool and graceful as she delivers this humiliating beatdown - she's simply too much for this killer and he'll wish he'd never stepped foot in this building today.