Released on 02 Jul 2021       12 MINUTES       718mb

Deadly Assassin Dark Karly has been hired to take down the biggest scalp of all, the Chief of Police. The Chief has been meddling with some very dangerous forces and there's only one killer fit for the task, the statuesque black belt Dark Karly. Dressed in her Catsuit and Boots she's ready to make an example of the top cop and she launches straight into high kicking, brutal punching gymnastic action but the Chief is a force to be reckoned with as he fights back in this back and forth battle. The hard bodied, kickboxing queen can step up the action at any time though, her muscular frame can launch devastation.... the question is, can the Chief go the distance or will he be humiliated and defeated.  BONUS:  FREE 134 IMAGE ACTION PHOTOSET!