Released on 14 Jul 2023       11m 23s       800mb

TIFFANY, THE CATSUIT VIGILANTE - When a notorious criminal, Dirk Benedict,  is released from jail he goes on a crime rampage (as notorious criminals do) ... until he meets the Catsuit Vigilante!  Tiffany is quick off the mark and Benedict doesn't know what's hit him, literally. This high-kicking, power-punching black belt martial artist rips him apart and he quickly realises he's in deep deep trouble. Benedict steps up a gear and tries to launch back at her but not only does she destroy him with her relentless beatdowns but with her endless smart arse put downs too. This quick witted crime fighting Kandygirl cannot believe the ease in which she beats him up, she toys with him and even gives him endless encouragement to get back in the fight but he's no match for this deadly female fighter and his days are numbered.