Released on 07 Oct 2023       13m 9s       672mb

DARK KIX the ultimate fighting femme is out to take down her SUPERHERO nemesis in a dirty battle of bad v good.  This shapeshifting anti-heroine adopts her WONDERKIX persona and inflicts a world of pain on her rival, in front of an audience of millions.  This brutal, high kicking, powerpunching, hardbodied fight queen absolutely destroys and humilates this man of steel with a powerful beatdown. This super man is no match for this deadly dark deviant and when she changes into her black latex Dark Kix persona she steps up the brutality levels. Superman tries his best to fight back, he has moments of strength where he looks capable of destruction but Dark Kix just steps up her game and with that her gymnastic, agile, blackbelt kickboxing, powerful abilities launching a tirade of knockout punches, karate chops, high kicks, spin kicks, ass kicking and has her man just where she wants him.  She is so tough that she fights like a mortal but she further humiliates her nemesis by switching on her superheroine status with throat lifts and feats of super strength. Dark Kix is powerful, brutal, devastating force of nature and beware any man who gets in the way.