Released on 05 Nov 2021       10m 13s      

ARYA takes down 4 massive guards on a deadly solo mission!  Tasked with the job of retrieving stolen military secrets Arya has to walk into the base, beat up 4 increasingly huge guards and walk out - this is the kind of crazy mission Arya loves!  Dressed in a tight leather bodysuit and black thigh high boots Arya is dressed for action and this gymnastic blackbelt is ready to unleash all her killer fight moves!  This high kicking, ko punching beauty starts with the smallest guard, builds to the huge guards and ends with the massive man mountain of pure muscle - it's a suicide mission for most but not for Arya, she is power, grace and brutality rolled into one and her ferocious karate and kickboxing skills are simply too much for these killers as she stylishly destroys and humiliates each barely even breaking a sweat!