Released on 25 Mar 2022       10m 25s       536MB

INTENSE BEATDOWN ACTION from KARLY the Karate Black Belt!  Someone has taken a hit out on Karly but nothing happens in this town without a Kandygirl finding out - so rather than wait she hunts down the wannabee assassin and delivers some brutal and relentless justice. Karly is a muscular hardbody of the highest order, she has power, style, agility and total confidence.... she is one beautiful and formidable kickass fighter and when she means business, she means business!   Dressed to kill in her leather catsuit, chain belt and high heeled, leather, thigh high boots she springs quickly into action and throws those ferocious punches and lightening high kicks uses her incredible martial arts skills to not only render her opponent helpless but to humiliate him before defeat.  This is end to end intense action and Karly delivers an incedible one sided beatdown with elegance, power and total arrogance.