Released on 19 May 2023       12m 16s       628mb

THEY'VE CALLED IN THE BIG GUNS... KIX!  When the hired muscle has failed to extract the right information out of the prisoner, they don't mess around, they call in the one person who will always get results, the Commando / Secret Agent / Supermodel Kix.  It's not like she didn't give the captive fair warning, she asks him politely but he declines so the 'persuasion' begins. Unleashing her fearsome martial arts skills Kix begins the beatdown but how long can this brick wall of a man hold out. The karate, the kickboxing, the high kicks, the roundhous kicks, the deft touches of a female assassin on top of her game... but her captive remains unmoved. It's time to step up a gear, change outfits and then really unleash hell. This is high octane fight adventure Kix style and as we know, when she always gets what she wants.