Released on 11 Aug 2023       13 minutes      

VIXEN VIXEN VIXEN!  When the mission looks far too totally dangerous there's only one girl to call... VIXEN!  In a rare new mission Vixen leaves her Billion Dollar mansion to come wipe out an entire mercenary army, find top secret documents and look smoking hot at the same time. Possibly the most successful Kandygirl female spy ever known, Vixen can't wait to get stuck into action and, accompanied by her hapless sidekick, it's not long before she's launching those ferocious high kicks, brutal knockout punches, hard body martial arts, karate, swagger and arrogance to rip apart the first of 10 male Mercenaries. This glamorous Femme Fatale casually fights her way through this heavily guarded rogue military base and beats up each of these jacked hired guns, one by one without breaking a sweat. Despite the fact that the odds are stacked against her and time is not on her side she remains cool throughout, enjoying every moment. This is classic hard hitting, end to end Vixen action... power, confidence and brutal.