Released on 17 May 2024       12 minutes       894mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL AVA DEBUTS!   Ace crimefighter, blackbelt martial artist and unbelievably hot model Ava is about to destroy two of the City's most dangerous criminals using not only the most lethal of high kicks, brutal punches and killer karate chops but switching up a gear ,at will, to show off her incredible strength.  So the plot starts as her new beauty commercial is rudely interupted by some criminal mischief and Ava loves a bit of mischief. After tracking down these naughty crime bosses she quickly goes to work, launching her incredibly long legs, gymnastic agility, brutal fists and a hardbody that will knock seven shades of hell out of them.  She switches on her super strength whenever it amuses her but such is her physical perfection that she chooses to beat them up without it.  This new Kandygirl uses her cover as a world famous model to perfection, her incredible beauty disarming the most horrible criminals before she casually delivers beatdown after beatdown.  Taking both men on at the same time Agent Ava arrogantly unleashes those spin kicks, high kicks, knees to face, karate, kick boxing and dancer-like agility before releasing her abs of steel and throat lifts. Ava is a one woman army of destruction!