Released on 08 Mar 2024       11m 22s       794mb

HARLEY delivers TOTAL and UTTER DESTRUCTION.  When an armed robber foolishly tries to force ace agent Harley to hand over a holdall containing several million dollars, he gets more than he bargained for.  In one of the most complete and comprehensive beatdowns in modern history, Harley not only destroys her assailant but she does it with the style, grace and brutality of one of the most skillful martial artists in modern day warfare. As Harley faces down this deadly mercenary she gives him a chance to run, which they never take, so dressed in eveningwear and high heeled boots  she launches into dazzling action, her black belt martial arts, gymnastic agility and prize fighter fists soon knock him out, totally. Harley hasn't even started yet and as she changes into her martial arts gear, keeping the boots on of course, she starts to rip him apart with her incredible array of spinning and high kicks, gymnastic flips, killer karate and jaw-dropping athleticism. Harley dominates,  humiliates and devastates - her smart arse quips add to the pain and her confidence and effortlessness add to the shame. This is a masterclass in female action as Harley delivers pain and justice, the kickass way.