Released on 18 May 2018       14m      

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL EDEN stars in Shark Kickass! When the worlds biggest and meanest Youzube personality gets turned down by Eden he pays her a visit. He's very stupid. Going live to his 16 million subscribers he, and his henchman, think they're going to teach her a lesson. They're both very stupid. Eden is amused and at first toys with these beasts and then rips them apart.... live.  Her furious punching, devilishly high kicks, gymnastic flexibility and cool, calm confidence is simply too much for these guys. Barely breaking a sweat Eden tries to make it more challenging for herself... she sticks on the highest heeled boots she owns and takes them both on at the same time.  They're simply no match for her and she laughs and demolishes them both, enjoying every moment and by the time she's finished with them, delivers a message they won't forget, to the 16 million fans, live.