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Released on 12 Jan 2024       13 minutes       806mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL DANA debuts in a solo mission to save the world! This stunning Supermodel turned Secret Agent is about to infiltrate an enemy base, take down their entire army of guards singlehandedly and stop some serious HighTech weaponry falling into the wrong hands. This staturesque blonde martial artist, armed with a pair of sky-high heeled leather boots, deadly legs, killer fists and a winning smile effortlessly and cockily works her way through four armed guards before facing two deadly henchmen together.  Dana doesn't mess around, in her unique cool style, killer unarmed combat and with her incredible confidence she beats these two men up so badly that they regret the day they laid eyes on her. Its then face to face with the Boss and he's a man nobody wants to mess with, apart from her but can she work through enough 80s film cliches whilst unleashing her brutal long legs, knockout fists and ridiculously hard body and stop him and his dastardly plot for the destruction of the world?