Released on 10 Sep 2021       16m 19s       355mb

KIX IS BACK and this time is personal! In an extra long epic episode Kix is in the deadliest form of her life!  The fast kicking, hard punching, karate chopping, black belt kickboxer is about to extract revenge and she is fabulously brutal. 3 months earlier she'd been kidnapped by 3 armed criminals and left to die... but Kix never dies and has hunted down her prey for the beatdown of a lifetime. Dressed in her skin tight disco pants and black boots the gorgeous and ever so arrogant secret agent tears her enemy to pieces, she enjoys every moment of high kicking him across the lair, of knocking him out repeatedly and unleashing her own hot brand of female action on her man. This is Kix at her best, cocky, deadly and utterly beautiful.