Released on 15 Jan 2021       13m 7s      

SEX PANTHER kickstarts 2021 with a bang!  Panther is having one of her favourite dreams where she's beating up some intruders only to wake up and find it's happening for real! In a skintight latex dress and heels the hardbodied tough girl firstly beats up 3 guys then, wearing her red lingerie and red stilettos, she takes out a killer hit squad of 5 more!  Armed with her world famous hard body, muscular legs, fast punching fists, incredibly high kicks, brutal thighs and lethal karate chops this girl is a ruthless one woman army and these guys don't stand a chance.  Panther's effortless seductiveness can make any guy week instantly, she then launches into action with confidence and style, without breaking a sweat and enjoying every minute of it.  This is a KAK Classic with world famous model Dannii Harwood delivering 8  humiliating beatdowns in a way only she can!  BB4