Released on 28 Jul 2023       17m 30s       621mb

KIX GETS KIDNAPPED! but this was her plan, of course and immediately springs into EPIC KIX ACTION!  Kix arrives in her enemies den, tied in chains and pushed around by a great muscular hulk of a henchman but nobody gets the better of Kix. She breaks out of her chains immediately and sets about demolishing these two jacked criminals with arrogance and ease and it isn't long before her power, agility and brute force has these two guys knocked out. This isn't enough for Kix, obviously, as she has to teach them a lesson but is it a mistake for her to let them back in the brawl?  Kix is the essence of cool, femininity and grace as she continues her brutal onslaught of spin kicks, high kicks, karate chops, knee thrusts, jabs, hooks, palm strikes and knock out strikes. When you are the Kandy Corporation's top female operative you need to send a message to the underworld that you're effortlessly destructive,violent and deadly. So, with a smile on her face and without breaking a sweat Kix rips apart these two ferocious villains with the swagger and arrogance that you'd expect from her.