Released on 08 Apr 2016       12m 32s      

AMBER stars in SUPERCHARGED KICKASS KANDY ACTION! Amber is a girl who doesnt know her own strength but the toughest guys in town are about to find out. Amber heads down to the Drax henchmen gym to pick on the biggest bullies in town, armed with a just a leather mini skirt and thigh high leather boots this hard bodied high kicking super-charged Kandygirl is going to dish out the most humiliating beat down of their lives. Firstly she goes head-to-head with the powerful goons in the ring and then she decides to take them both on at the same time! She feels pity for these boys and gives them a headstart and they run....they can't run for long though. Amber is power, strength, beauty, elegance and confidence all rolled into one amazing gymnastic, toned and uber-flexible body. She is going to toy with her prey and enjoy every minute of her powerful superiority.