Released on 21 Apr 2023       11m 46s       957mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL DANICA infiltrates a model smuggling network and kicks the crap out of their Boss.  Masquerading as a world famous Supermodel, Danica does a casting for this ridiculous, but dangerous, idiot and it's not long before his evil plot is blown wide open and Danica has to snap into action.  Danica is a force of nature, an expert in unarmed combat and a specialist in witty one liners she launches her fearsome fists, lethal legs, powerful punches, killer knees and, having run out of aliterations, sky high kicks, knocking this massive hulk of a man around like he's a rag doll. Her mission is simple, destroy him and his operation and get all the info needed to rescue all the other models. This is easy work for Danica, she barely breaks a sweat, but having taken the effort to dress up in her spy leotard and secret agent thigh high boots she's going to deliver a serious beat down before she has to get the bus home.