Released on 22 Sep 2023       15m 7s       934mb

MILLY The Minx DESTROYS 9 TRAINED KILLERS!  In her very first solo mission the latest Kickass recruit takes on an entire army of Mercenaries sent to destroy her. This high kicking, karate chopping, fast punching, gymnastic femme fatale is way too superior to these trained killers and wearing her hot pants and boots and winning smile, she's dressed to kill. It all started when the arch criminal Dizzy Goon sent his men to steal Milly's million dollar gem but despite sending 9 of his best men, he clearly underestimated the power, style, grace and brutality of this flame haired supermodel.  Milly uses her incredible unarmed combat talents to deliver beatdown after beatdown, her sky high kicks and knock out fists are unmatchable, her flexibility and speed unrivalled and her confidence and power are simply too good for them. After beating up 8 Mercenaries, she faces her toughest battle, the kingpin of the gang, armed to his teeth but Milly simply flashes her dazzling smile and gets to work delivering the ultimate humiliating beatdown. DG is thwarted again, nobody messes with Milly.