Released on 20 May 2022       12m 51s      

CARI is an Undercover Secretary hired to protect the countries most powerful man and if anyone wants to get him, they have to go through her first. She's always ready for action so when a ruthless maniac enters the building to destroy her boss, she kicks straight into action. Dressed in a leather skirt and boots Cari is a devastating one woman force to be reckoned with and soon this killer is on the recieving end of her ferocious high kicks, vicious karate chops, powerful fists and kickass attitude. This agile Kandygirl then switched into her killer thigh high boots to carry on the incredible beatdown, enjoying every minute of her devastating display. Cari uses her high kicking martial arts to pulverise her opponent and send a strong message that she's not a woman to be messed with.