Released on 17 Dec 2021       12m 22s + Photoset      

DIVA and VIXEN in RED HOT ACTION!  The two Kandygirl legends team up to take down an illegal fight club and after their warning was laughed off the girls get ready for some lethal kickass action. Vixen delivers power and the first backstreet brawler doesn't know what's hit him as she pummels him with her ferocious punches and muscular high kicks. Diva then gets involved, using her elegant gymnastic kicks and deceptively brutal fists to playfully knock her fighter around until she ramps up the action to destroy him. Then there's the small matter of the 3rd underground fighter and Vixen can't wait to get stuck in. These beautiful girls, dressed in power suits and heels, are deceptive, dominant and magnificent as they humiliate and reduce these powerful man mountains to quivering wrecks. The Kandygirls always get what they want.   FILM + BONUS PHOTOSET!