Released on 16 Jun 2017       16m 35s      

KIX STARS IN BRUTAL RING FIGHT EPIC! One man has stepped up to the challenge, defeat the Champ and he'll walk away with 1 Million pounds... little does he know that Champ is Kix and he's in for the beating of a lifetime. This huge, muscular pro fighter underestimates Kix at his peril as he's mercilessly ripped apart. Kix is quicker, more agile and has a punch and a kick that devastate. The contender is no fool, he tries everything he has but Kix just knocks him down with a huge smile on her face...as the fight goes on she steps up her game displaying the most mesmerising show for force, power, skill and arrogance, this is Kix at her very best!  This is intense, it's violent and it's filled with Kix's greatest hits. It's unmissable.