Released on 19 Nov 2021       12m 5s       628mb

DAKOTA IN AMAZING FM ACTION!  Whilst Dakota is getting ready for a big night out at the Bodyguard's Ball she is set upon by a gang of uninvited thugs on a mission to destroy her. She hasn't even had time to get apply her lipstick before she makes light work of the first goon and before she can slip her dress on she's already hunting down the rest of this gang of mercenaries. Using her dazzling martial arts skills and brutal unarmed combat prowess she launches her lethal high kicks, karate chops, kick boxing and knock out punches to bring each of these killers to their knees. She needs to learn why anyone would want to take her down and she doesn't stop until she finds out - no guy can match her gymnastic agility and brutal fighting style and she's in no rush to stop dishing out the punishment....