Released on 26 Jan 2024       13m 36s       848mb

KIX IS ON FIRE and this time it's personal!  The Klopp Syndicate have stolen something very precious from Kix and everyone knows that you don't mess with her.  Having just returned from a top secret military operation Kix isn't going waste any time as she swaggers into this criminal gang's lair to delivery some brutal justice, she's on a path of destruction and these guys should really get out of the way.  Kix immediately breaks into kick ass action making light work of 5 guards, destroying each with her lethal combination of kix boxing, karate and good old fashioned street brawling. Having enjoyed every moment of reeking revenge on these muscular buffoons, knocking each one around and then down like little play things she goes in search of the head of the gang, the world renowned and right old bastard Jimmy Slegehammer and nobody messes with Jimmy... apart from Kix. Jimmy can destroy teams of special forces on his own but he's never met anyone like Kix and after he gives it his best shot Kix administers the biggest beatdown of his life. This legendary Spy launches those brutal fists and lethal legs and pounds him into submission. He's never known anything like it as she beats him up so badly that his own dog doesn't recognise him again. This is end to end classic Kix action!