Released on 17 Jun 2022       17m 12s       331.6mb

Legend is as Legend does, as nobody ever said. VIXEN is that Legend and we join her on her latest mission to save the world and look great doing it. Dressed in obligatory KAK Agent attire, notably heels and elegent evening wear, she wipes out 10 bad guys whilst barely breaking a sweat!  Armed only with a hardbody, deadly fists, killer kicks and an unshakeable confidence she destroys her prey, mocking them with her killer put downs and humiliating them with her sheer arrogance. Her high kicks, spin kicks, killer karate, knockout punches, devastating knees to face and disarming smile she keeps the streets safe and loves every minute of it. She's joined by her hapless sidekick Austin who inevitably makes life more difficult but Vixen is cool, calm, confident and cocky as hell. Over 17 minutes of total Vixen in high octane Vixen action!