Released on 01 Dec 2023       15 minutes / 114 Stills       1.15GB

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL SCOUT DEBUTS - This is Scout, protege of Vixen, she's cool, tough and uncompromising and has a punch and a high kick that could knock a man's head off. When the going gets tough, you call in Scout and when a world class, killer agent goes rogue and no man is tough enough to bring him down, Scout is the woman for the job. After brushing off his initital onslaught Scout unleashes her hardbody elite unarmed combat on him, her fists are like rock as she knocks him around and her high kicks are so lethal they destroy.  Dressed in one incredible leather catsuit and thigh high boots Scout is not just lethal, she's smoking hot too.  Her kickboxing, karate and gymnastic skills are a force of nature, every kick, punch, chop, knee to face, spin kick, high kick and nut punch devastates. Trained by Vixen,  Scout is the next generation of Kandygirl. This Debut package includes a FREE POSED and ACTION PHOTOSET.  114 HI RES AMAZING STILLS!