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Released on 25 Aug 2023       10m 50s + 106 STILLS       956mb

DARCY is the BLACKBELT BALLERINA and the mistress of disguise.  Darcy has a price on her head, she's the number one target for elimination by the an elite Deathsquad and she's hugely excited about it!  Rather than wait however, she breaks off from her Catsuit Karate bout to go undercover and infiltrate the Deathsquad HQ.  Posing as the 'entertainment' she takes out an army of guards, unleashing her killer martial arts skills, balletic agility and impossible flexibility to casually beat them all up. Darcy knows no fear, she's the epitome of cool as she rips apart guard after guard using only her bare fists and long legs and an unwavering cockyness. This spin kicking, karate chopping, ko punching, high kicking, hard bodied Kandygirl is poetry in motion until she meets the leader of the pack, a Ninja with a stare that sends fear into hearts of guys 3 times her size... Can Darcy take him down?  well, in a pair of killer heel boots and leotard she's dressed for action and the rest is history.  FREE 106 PACK OF POSED AND ACTION STILLS INCLUDED!!