Released on 23 Feb 2024       15m       928mb

SECRET AGENT PETRA teams up with KARLY for double trouble! These two tough girl agents must track down one of the most secretive and dangerous chemical labs in the northern hemisphere before all hell breaks loose!  They start by stealthily beating up all the guards until they've removed the first threat level before locating the top secret nerve gas, a chemical compound that can regenerate almost anyone from the brink of death.  Obviously they find it quickly,  they're Kandygirls, but this is where it gets interesting as they need to find out if it actually works and so it's time to step up the action. Petra steps forward, this high kicking, acrobatic blonde bombshell takes on the two brutal security chiefs and wipes the floor with them, she knocks them both around with her knockout fists and killer kicks until they're unconscious but one spray from the gas and they're regenerated so she gets to beat them up again.... and again. Karly then wants in on the action and each time these hulking great henchmen regenerate, they come back stronger and stronger but they have to face the might of Karly and even if it's two against one this hardbodied, muscular female spy launches her fearsome martial arts and uses these boys for sport. The girls then take it to the max but can they handle it? of course they can, they're kandygirls.