Released on 08 Apr 2022       13m 27s / 100 Photos / BTS Clip       870mb

POWERFUL DAKOTA ACTION!  FILM / PHOTOSET & BTS CLIP!  When Dakota's 'boyfriend' gets admitted to a bad boy rogue spy academy she knows it's time to break cover and beat him up.... and after bragging that no woman could ever be a match for him Dakota sets about to humiliate and torment him along the way!  This is classic Dakota action, she's cocky, she's cool and she's about to unleash her incredible style of acrobatic kicks, gymnastic karate and powerful knockout punches to utterly defeat this rogue until he's totally demolished.  Dakota knows no fear, she's superior in every way and enjoys every second of delivering this devastating beatdown.  PACK includes FREE 100 IMAGE PHOTOSET +  BONUS BTS CLIP!