Released on 29 Jul 2022       11m 40s       605mb

DARK MONTANA in a SPIN KICKING, GYMNASTIC BEATDOWN CLASSIC!  When this rogue agent goes calling to the local boxing gym for protection money she hopes they'll argue so she can deliver a trademark brutal beatdown. They don't disappoint so she swings into action with her lightening quick kicks, brutal fists and gymastic karate ripping the man mountain of an opponent to shreds. But there's a twist in the tale because it's not long before her boxing champ victim turns aggressor and launches a fightback but how long will it last? will it be enough to defeat the gorgeous but lethal black belt? I doubut it ;) Dark Montana is a cocky, mischievous one woman crime wave with a disarming beauty and a hardbody to match, with backflips, spin kicks, ko punches, high knees, high kicks and the confidence of a heavyweight she's one hard woman to beat.