Released on 16 Jun 2023       12m 33s       775mb

TWO BRAND NEW KANDYGIRLS!!  MILLY and DANA debut in catsuit crimefighting chaos! When an unknown male agent is kidnapped it's upto the newest Kickass duo to get him back, safely. Armed with just catsuits and thigh high boots these stunning supermodels turned lethal martial artists and take down a small army of male mercenaries without breaking a nail. These girls are experts in unarmed combat and razor sharp put-downs which they use to disarm and beat up their oversized opponents without breaking a sweat. Along with strutting around an enemy base, for no reason whatsoever,  these black belt beauties use their lethal high kicks, killer karate, brutal fists, speed, agility and power to knock these boys out and eventually find what they came for. However, all is not what it seems and with a twist in the tail the mission becomes something completely different....