Released on 13 Jan 2023       16m 11s       873mb

KARLY and LUNA in TOTAL ACTION!  Blackbelt Bodyguard Karly is escorting hapless Government Minister Austin on a mission to retrieve some very dangerous chemicals from a very dangerous Syndicate and whilst Karly gets to work beating up all the guards, Austin runs into trouble in the form of Dark Luna.  The Martial Artist model and chief Henchwoman of the Syndicate lures Austin in, she teases and seduces him, flirting mercilessly as she repeatedly punches him across the floor - Austin is utterly under the spell of this beautiful woman and completely overpowered by her. Meanwhile Karly, the sexy hardbodied blackbelt, takes on 2 fierce guards at the same time and enjoys every moment of high kicking, karate chopping and punching mercilessly before disposing of them with ease. However, with no sign of the chemicals, Austin is getting more and more enchanted by Dark Luna as she beats him up even more but can he survive and can Karly save the day?