Released on 24 Mar 2023       13m 30s       640mb

Despite qualifying as Investigative Journalists literally 8 minutes ago HARLEY and YASMIN find themselves undercover and in deep trouble, in fact it's worse than that, it's deep deep trouble. They're in the middle of an illegal fight club and they can't charm their way out of this one. It's a good job they're trained killers then isn't it! They don't waste any time demolishing the guards with their high kicks, ko punches and usual swagger and then move on to the main event, the chance to take down two of the biggest bastards and worst dressed gangster thugs in the City. Dressed in heels and little black dresses, the girls not the thugs that is, they rip these boys to shreds with their blackbelt martial arts, killer kickboxing, brutal street fighting and their ridiculous smart ass banter. It gets so easy for the girls they each take on and beat up both guys by themselves... barely breaking a sweat!  They do offer these gangsters the chance to give up but they will insist on turning it down...again, again and again. Classic kickass action from superstars Harley and Yasmin!