Released on 30 Nov 2017       11m 7s      

VIXEN and KIX are the only two things standing in the way of a gang of criminals escaping the scene of a crime.... will they escape? or will the gang get beaten up beyond belief? Silly question really. Dressed in Catsuits, Boots and Heels these 2 legendary Kandygirls are ready for action and as each of the criminals tries to make a run for it the girls are poised to deliver the beatdowns.  Kix and Vix offer the guys 'Kandygirl Insurance' should they not survive their encounter - and if they were clever they'd take it as the chances of withstanding a beating from Vixen or Kix are zero... at best! Vixen and Kix are in dazzling form, their flying kicks, karate, boxing and general rock hard dominance are devastatingly destructive!  They are also incredibly hot.