Released on 31 May 2024       13m 15s       818mb

PETRA stars as the ULTIMATE KICKASSIEST WW!  It's a Thursday and WW [No, not that one] has had enough of the crimewave taking over her city so she slips into her electric blue catsuit, red boots and tiara and kicks ass. When she catches her first beefcake crooks she utterly destroys them, beating them both up at the same time using her incredible kicks, power punches and lightening speed and agility. Such is her confidence that she barely has to use her superpowers to destroy these men, instead preferring to rip them both apart using her mortal martial arts. Once she's had her fun with these guys she heads off to find the ringleaders, the most brutal and destructive criminals of the lot and proceeds to toss them around like rag dolls.  This high kicking, karate chopping, spin kicking, kickboxing, blonde beauty enjoys every minute of this as she teases and torments these violent thugs using her incredible mix of superpowers and everyday streetfighting. Her arrogance infuriates them, her coolness humilates them and her unarmed combat superiority delivers total pain and total and utter destruction. This WW is simply too tough for them and the City is about to get cleaned up once and for all.