Released on 29 Dec 2023       13m 02s       463mb

INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST and DEADLY MARTIAL ARTIST MILLY HEDGE is about to take down an entire crime syndicate single handedly.  This drop dead gorgeous writer has had a tip off and is on the verge of the scoop of the decade, all she has to do is break in to a heavily armed fortress, take out an army of guards, find the evidence and destroy the City's two biggest crimelords.  This is not a mission for the feint hearted, that's why they sent the beautiful, karate superstar with fists of steel and witty one liners that'll floor you - she always gets results and enjoys every moment. Dressed in standard issue spy wear, namely neon blue dress and ankle boots, she makes easy work of the armed guards and then she steps up a gear, sticks on the black thigh highs and is ready to restore order to the City and dish out a bunch of brutal beatdowns whilst she's at it. This is a race against time, she has to ruin someone's day, leave a bunch of broken bodies in her wake and get back in time for Traitors Series 2!