Released on 09 Feb 2024       11m 37s       717mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL BLAIR!  This black belt martial artist has been secretly undermining a very naughty criminal enterprise for months but they finally caught up with her and they've sent their two heaviest goons to take her out... except this will never happen as Blair has other plans. Model by day and Secret Agent by night, Blair's unarmed combat expertise is legendary and once she springs into action these muscular hulks don't know what's hit them. With the cool, calm confidence of a trained killer Blair beats both of them up at the same time, her kickboxing prowess, gymnastic agility and brute strength is simply too much for them but she won't let them off the hook easily, she wants to teach them one hell of a lesson. It seems they're not willing to change their ways and become the virtuous citizens she requires so she has to go big and demolish the until they agree to everything she demands. Her high kicks, knockout punches and kick ass karate is way too much for them to handle but will they submit?....of course they're not, that would just be too simple.