Released on 16 Dec 2022       11m 15s       787mb

BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL JINX - Blackbelt martial artist and world class smart-arse!  One of Jinx's enemies has lured her into a trap, he's been soundly beaten by her in the past, so he's brought backup in the form of a heavily trained mercanary and Jinx can't wait to unleash hell on both of them!  This blonde bomshell is expertly trained in unarmed combat and has an attitude to match! her dazzling array of kickboxing, karate and hand-to-hand combat means she's a one woman army and these two guys are about to get the beat down of a lifetime. Whether dressed in mini dress and heels, catsuit and boots or a beige leather skirt and thigh high boots - Jinx always delivers and she enjoys every minute as she unleashes her agile spin kicks, devastating KO punches, acrobatic high kicks and lightening quick fists, making easy work of these two guys... at the same time!  The only question is... will these muscular criminals walk out alive?