Released on 15 Jul 2022       15m 30s       555 mb

KIX is THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST BUSINESSWOMAN.  When Kix is confronted by a violent con man who stupidly steals her money, she gives him a lesson in business he'll never forget!  When this crook's pitch turns nasty Kix swings into brutal action, this black belt kickboxer uses her deadly legs and fists to reduce this guy to a wreck as she spin kicks, high kicks, karate chops and punches him around the room, he never expected to be on the wrong side of a humiliating beatdown but then he'd never met Kix before!  Dressed in her power suit of long slit skirt, silk blouse and leather boots Kix is a woman not to be messed with and barely breaks a sweat as she has fun beating him up and getting her money back. EXTRA LONG MOVIE - At over 15 minutes, this is a Kix epic!