Released on 23 Oct 2020       12m 12s      

ARYA...CATSUIT....ACTION! Secret Agent Arya has devised a new ploy to take down the Kandyville Underworld, she poses as the ultimate disruptor Uber Fights. These thugs book a fight with her and have no idea what they've let themselves in for. Arya is on fire, she utterly destroys 2 of the most vicious criminals in the city with her brutal spin kicks, fierce right hooks, killer karate, high kicks, knees to face, backfists and an attitude that humiliates them every step of the way.  After they've been left knocked out in a heap a second time they train for a month and threaten to kill her, Arya laughs it off and brutal beats them both up at the same time.  End to end high octane, total Arya action !