Released on 05 May 2023       16m 13s       577mb

TIFFANY KICKS ASS!  She's 58th in line for the throne, she's got a Phd in shopping and she's read a pamphlet on hand-to-hand combat - Tiffany is a force to be reckoned with!   Having accepted the much vaunted position as intern for the Kickass Spy Agency it's not long before Tiffany's in trouble... luckily she can handle herself then isn't it!  Thinking she's an easy target Arch-criminal, and part-time Dolphin Trainer, Dizzy G has sent his thugs to smash the agency, so Tiffany swings into action. Her deadly fists and killer kicks make light work of these henchmen as she utterly destroys them impressively, whether she takes on 1 or 2 of them at the same time, her high kicks, karate chops and right hooks are simply too much for them!  Dressed to kill in her tight skirt and high heels she still manages to pulverise these trained killers without even breaking a sweat!  and after taking out 9 of these thugs she comes face to face with their nasty 'orrible bastard of a leader and an intense battle takes place. There can only be one winner... but who will it be? Guess!