Released on 24 Feb 2020       15m 30s      

VIXEN is in devastating form!After beating up 15 Ninjas in a row Vixen gets a call.. her boyfriend is getting bullied and Vixen hates bullies.  Dressed in her classic catsuit and boots Vixen pays these 3 guys a visit and proceeds to take them down Vixen style. Vixen is the queen of the punch combos and she pulverises each of these 3 heavyweights without breaking a sweat - her punches are brutal, her high kicks devastating and her swift karate chops are just too much for them. Her final move is to offer them one last chance... the 3 of them against the 1 of her, at the same time!  This is classic Vixen action, devastating action, smart ass one liners and one big smile on her face.