Released on 30 Jun 2017       11m38s      

TRIPLE THREAT! VIXEN, ERICA and BIANCA! At the Kickass Kandybar drinks are free....if you can survive a beating from one of the beautiful waitresses!  Vixen, Erica and Bianca are ready to serve you beer, champagne or the biggest beatdown of your life.  Whilst on a break from saving the world the 3 gorgeous girls opened a bar on the wrong side of town and have challenged any of the local bad boys to come drink.... and fight. These girls are in dazzling form - Vixen is beauty and brute force, Erica is agility and power and Bianca has a balletic grace and killer kick. Who would be stupid enough to take on a Kandygirl for free beers? Everyone at the Kickass Kandybar.